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Side Projects

Minted x West Elm

Minted is a community of independent artists who participate in competitions for art, stationery and home decor. The winning designs are produced and sold online at When I saw they were collaborating with West Elm, one of my favorite merchandisers of modern and eclectic home decor, I had to give it a try. About 100 prints were selected from over 5,000 submissions. My design, Celestial Dreams, was sold in regional West Elm stores and online, and can now be purchased from my minted store.  

celestial dreams โ€“ minted for west elm
celestial dreams - west elm website
celestial dreams - west elm store

See Tuco Grow

I'm in the stage of life where it seems like everyone is having kids. My newsfeed is full of pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, "My baby is the size of a [insert fruit or vegetable here]" and adorable month-by-month photos.

When Tuco joined our family it seemed only right that he receive the same special treatment as any newborn. Let's be honest. Raising a puppy is exactly like raising a child... totally relatable. ;)

A special thanks to my hubby. He might not have shared my creative vision, but he was a good sport about assisting me and getting Tuco to look at the camera.